Anthology of A CENOURA

Hi I am Philip Skinner. A Cenoura is my sailboat and my home. Below are things that go on in my life with the most recently-shared event on top. There's some other links at the bottom of the page, too.
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Sunday 8.24.14
Morning bike ride to acai bowls and return a movie. The same guy who failed at anchoring the precious day gave it about 4 attempts on Sunday and finally set. He yelled back and forth with me about how he disagreed with the requirement for a stern anchor - I don’t think he knows how to use one because he asked harbor patrol for instructions - then he said I have a beautiful 36 footer. Thanks, sir, happy to hear it looks bigger than it is.
Aside from that excitement, Mia and I enjoyed the sun, our lunch, the sabot and the hammock, it was a great summer Sunday on the boat.

Saturday 8.23.14
Spent the late afternoon over in the channel. Mia and I first went over to a shoal and dropped the anchor, but we were close to another anchored boat. Shortly after, a different powerboat left to free up a better anchoring spot, so we picked up and re-parked. Then, this boat singlehandedly came to where we previously were, dropped anchor, dragged into the channel a few times.. The sailor didn’t look like he knew what he was doing in his nice large boat. Eventually he motored the the KHYC and tied up to a dock.

Saturday 8.23.14
A quick sample of google searches gave me a strong confidence to cover my brass ship clock with ketchup. Turns out, you wait a while and then wipe it off- the ketchup cleans the dirt off the brass making it look brand new (a little dull, but I guess it could be polished)
This kind of made me think twice about eating ketchup… Not for long, because I had a burger and fries with the delicious Heinz at The Standing Room that night.
Finally swapped out the heat exchanger zinc, which was obviously over due.

Quite a family you have there, sir.

Sunday august 17 2014
Late afternoon/evening anchored in a small area between the new un-used mooring field, a bait dock, and the jetty rocks.

Friday August 15 2014
I figured that this weekend was going to be a good opportunity to do some more “fix it” stuff. Mia wasn’t arriving until Sunday night so I had Saturday to replace the heat exchanger zinc and do some cleaning. I went to two different west marine stores to find the zinc. They’re the same price online but if I could get it from the store then I could save paying shipping on a couple things the size of crayons. Well west marine didn’t have them. I bought boat soap so that I didn’t feel like it was a total waste of a trip. So I orders the zincs online with a couple other small things the boat could use - Cabinet latches - because on a starboard tack one of the cabinet doors always swings open.
So Saturday I cleaned the carpet, pulled it out and cleaned the fiberglass floor underneath, clean little things around, and went sailing on the sabot. Was a good day! I felt productive and was asleep by like 930 on a Saturday night.

Monday august 11 2014
I was up early, caught part of this super moon. Blame the poor quality on iPhone cameras.
The weekend was good, yet pictureless. I played volleyball and hung out at the beach Saturday, and took a coworker mike and his girlfriend grace out sailing on Sunday. They did most of the steering once I got us out of the harbor. When I think about it, I usually do all of the sail raising and trimming, but I’m rarely the person actually steering the boat on the ocean. I think it’s fun to involve people and show them how easy it really is, especially with a wheel-controlled sailboat.

Rain system in drought-stricken Southern California during August. We’ll take it.

Sunset shining on the whale wall makes it orange with the shadows of the palm. trees.

After the monsoon-like storm
August 3 2014

August 2&3 2014
I saw this creepy monster looking fish sort of half swimming, half snaking, through the water. I don’t know if it’s normal, seriously it could be a mutant transformed by all the contaminated water around here. For context, it was about a foot long.
I got to see a couple of normal friendly animals though. A group of friends were gathering for my old roommate, Lindsay’s, joint birthday party with another buddy.
On Sunday it rained on and off, and the wind was very strong, probably 20 mph from the south (which is unusual) so I took the sabot out and enjoyed some really heavy (for an 8 foot boat) weather sailing. During this I saw a buddy I recognized and talk to at my gym, and he was paddleboarding on a date with someone. They stopped by A Cenoura for a drink and headed back to return their rentals.

There was lightning a couple weekends ago and a bolt reportedly struck a BMW car up the hill from me. I drive past this one on the way to work everyday, parked on top of a hill. Although it looks like it could be the victim of the lightning, I did some diligence of local news research and found out that a different BMW was struck by lightning, on a different nearby hill. Those pictures weren’t even as impressive as this car though. The story behind this one is that the driver reached the intersection at the top of the hill and saw smoke coming from the engine. Pulled over, got out, and the car was on fire. The fire department showed up in 6 minutes and sprayed it out.
The obvious lesson here is to stay away from BMWs. Jk.

Sailed for about an hour on Saturday because a producer of a Alzheimer’s documentary needed footage from a sailboat - he preferred a catalina because his father who suffered from Alzheimer’s had a 27’ and later a 34’. We had to motor out to find wind and the look an open ocean/horizon.

August 1 2014
My employer,, had their annual vans us open of surfing party.
Volcom women’s used a part of our office as a lounge, we had 3 bars, red bull supplied a lot of beverages and a DJ, we also had a band, 4 bouncers, probably 250 guests, and a would-be thief who dropped a handle of tequila and I cleaned up the shattered pieces of glass. To sum it up, it was fun to be intoxicated where I work.

July 30 2014
The neighbors are in Catalina which means i have a nicer view of my home.